The Birthday Sand Castle

What I loved about this guy’s castle is what he said. He said, ”gotta do something with this rain.” while most would mope, he built something that made people smile. 

This is my birthday & I'm on 1 of my favorite beaches for the weekend & it storms. But watching him build this brought me joy & that was his intent. To have fun and to make anyone who came across it happily. He could have sat with his friends in their tents and drank beer. But he did this. 

We have bad luck. Shit happens. Life is a bitch...and then you die. But you can do something with the bad and turn it to good. It happens all the time. I'm where I want to be for my birthday even though it's raining. It's still peaceful, friendly, I'm with a good friend and everyone is friendly. Why should I be angry about the rain thats here to nourish the plants and trees that make this park as beautiful as it is which is why I love it so much? And, without the rain, this man wouldn't have been able to do such a great job on this sand kingdom. The water made the sand easier to stick together and stay. 

It's a happy birthday for me no matter how much the rain pours. I'm blessed. 


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